Tips for Finding the Best Local Realtor

Charleston Real EstateOne of the issues many home buyers have with the process is they are unhappy with their realtors. Many claim that they get roped into a contract and then find out too late in the process that the realtor they chose was not working in their best interests. Here are some of the ways, from the Charleston Homes for Sale professionals over at Premier One, that you can narrow down the search so that you are working with the best local real estate agent.

1. Be sure to spend some time online at Facebook narrowing down you list of potential candidates. Start at Facebook groups, and either read posts about realtor experiences or just ask the group. You are going to get a ton of third party responses from people who have worked with the realtors in the area and offer up their opinions.

2. Once you have a small list of potential realtors, go to their social pages or websites, and get a feel for how they conduct business. You could ask the realtors about how many homes they closed this year, and what the average time to close was. See how they respond and how fast they answer all your questions. If they take too long now, imagine what will happen when you are locked in a contract and they ignore you.

3. Inquire with the list of realtors about if any offer a real estate rebate after the sale. This is a small chunk of the realtor commission given back to the buyer in way of an incentive, but in some cases can be several thousand dollars. If the realtor is willing to cut you in, they must be doing some serious business and would not mind taking on a new client.

4. Feel free to visit the local real estate agency and inquire about their staff. If you want to work with the busiest real estate agent on site, chances are pretty good this particular person is working day and night to ensure all their clients are happy and sending referrals their way to grow their business.

5. Ask your coworkers, friends, and neighbors if they know anyone who has recently bought a house and how they feel about their realtor. You will find out about the good and bad realtors in your area, and be able to spot any patterns with one realtor who stands out from the rest.

With all this information, you should now have little trouble being able to locate and work with the best local realtor.