Boating Safety Tips for Any Level Experience Boater

BoatsBoating safety is something that needs to be addressed long before the boat ever leaves the safety of the docks. If you take proactive measures to ensure you and your guests are safe on each trip, you are going to be in the best position to handle any unexpected emergencies that arise out at sea.

Consider the following boating safety tips from the yacht for sale listing site to protect your passengers on your next trip on the boat:

1. Invest in a boating safety class. Here you will learn all the details about providing a safe trip for passengers. You will be introduced to life saving procedures as well as different deadly scenarios that can play out on the water and how to react to each. In the event that the boat capsizes, you hit something and passengers go overboard, or someone gets ill at sea, you need to be able to spring to action when every second counts.

2. Be sure that you purchase more than enough safety vests and keep them on board at all times. Every passenger including yourself must be wearing a vest because one rogue wave could topple the boat and send people into the water to fend for themselves. Without a life vest, a passenger knocked out will not have the ability to call for help as they sink below the surface of the water.

3. Be sure that you hire a local boat mechanic to maintain the vessel several times a year. The reason for this is that the last thing you want when an unexpected storm is being down on the boat is to have engine failure. The best local boat mechanics can often spot potential problems long before they become and issue at sea and fix them before you head out with your passengers.

4. Just like how drinking alcohol and driving a vehicle does not mix, you should never drink any alcohol and operate your boat. Not only do you run the risk of hitting something in the water, you could hit another boat and injure more than the passengers on your boat. You must have all your senses about you when you responsibility is the safety of others in your boat, so leave the drinking of alcohol for when you are back safe on shore at your home.

These are only a few of the boat safety tips that will protect everyone on board and allow you to create those memories out at sea that are going to last a lifetime.


Justice Department is Pushing to Legalize Real Estate Commission Rebates

By now you probably have heard all about real estate rebates and how the Justice Department pushes to legalize real estate commission rebates. If you are not familiar with these rebates and are in the market to buy a house, this might be the time for you to get familiar with them.

REal Estate REbatesThe real estate rebate is unlike other rebates where you have to buy something to get something after filling out paperwork and waiting months to see your money. The real estate rebate is simple in premise and beneficial on many levels for the home owner. Simply put, your real estate agent agrees to give up a small portion of their commission in exchange for you using them to handle the transaction. You were going to need a realtor to close the deal anyway, so why not work with a realtor giving you a slice of the commission?

The problem and why the Justice Department pushes to legalize real estate commission rebates, there are some realtors who feel that this practice is taking too much from them. These realtors feel comfortable making several thousand per transaction and don’t want to give any back, they just want more clients. Smart real estate agents understand it is a numbers game, and what you lose in one commission, you could make up in referrals from one happy customer sending several new clients your way.

The Justice Department understands all the benefits for the homeowner, and how this could actually move inventory and stimulate the economy even faster. When home owners on the fence about selling in a slow market now have the opportunity to close with thousands more in their hands, this sweetens the deal and gets more inventory on the market. Many homeowners cringe at the idea of paying for inspections, lawyers, and that realtor commission too. On a $250,000 house sale price, the client could be getting back between $2,500 and $3,000 at closing, this is a lot of money to many people.

Some states however have frowned upon the practice due in part to pressure from realtors who have been in the industry for years and do not want to start giving anything back. These realtors feel the current system is fine, and would rather make a ton on one sale than have to give any back and need to work harder to make it up. As this practice gets more popular, it may only be a short while before all states participate in the real estate rebates. For more info visit:


Tips for Finding the Best Local Realtor

Charleston Real EstateOne of the issues many home buyers have with the process is they are unhappy with their realtors. Many claim that they get roped into a contract and then find out too late in the process that the realtor they chose was not working in their best interests. Here are some of the ways, from the Charleston Homes for Sale professionals over at Premier One, that you can narrow down the search so that you are working with the best local real estate agent.

1. Be sure to spend some time online at Facebook narrowing down you list of potential candidates. Start at Facebook groups, and either read posts about realtor experiences or just ask the group. You are going to get a ton of third party responses from people who have worked with the realtors in the area and offer up their opinions.

2. Once you have a small list of potential realtors, go to their social pages or websites, and get a feel for how they conduct business. You could ask the realtors about how many homes they closed this year, and what the average time to close was. See how they respond and how fast they answer all your questions. If they take too long now, imagine what will happen when you are locked in a contract and they ignore you.

3. Inquire with the list of realtors about if any offer a real estate rebate after the sale. This is a small chunk of the realtor commission given back to the buyer in way of an incentive, but in some cases can be several thousand dollars. If the realtor is willing to cut you in, they must be doing some serious business and would not mind taking on a new client.

4. Feel free to visit the local real estate agency and inquire about their staff. If you want to work with the busiest real estate agent on site, chances are pretty good this particular person is working day and night to ensure all their clients are happy and sending referrals their way to grow their business.

5. Ask your coworkers, friends, and neighbors if they know anyone who has recently bought a house and how they feel about their realtor. You will find out about the good and bad realtors in your area, and be able to spot any patterns with one realtor who stands out from the rest.

With all this information, you should now have little trouble being able to locate and work with the best local realtor.